Crystal Mono EAS System

Promatic PDS 8830

pds8830Key features

PDS8830 new generation RF EAS Mono system adopt the Promatic second generation Mono EAS master board—[6200TR-G2] and Acrylic Glass material. Know from the normal EAS system which combine with transmitter and receiver, the new Mono system can achieve the signal transmission and inception only with one sensor, double side of the Mono sensor can detect the EAS label simultaneity. System adopt DSP processor and FPGA technique. Auto-adaption electronic magnetic circumstance technology. Detecting range can reach 2.4m and low rate of false alarm.

Adjustable regulation resistance(for sensitivity only)
Dimensions(cm): 1530(H)×335(W)×131(D)

Max Detecting Range:
Soft label PT410: 2 × 70cm
Hard tag PT315: 2 × 90cm
Hard tag PT352: 2 × 120cm

Suitable for High-grade garment store, digital product store and shopping plaza
CE, FCC certificates

  • It is special designed for top grand shopping plaza, garment stores
  • The elegancy design, the concision shape together with softness color, it’s the best choice for your ornament taste of stores
  • Mono-antenna System, one antenna can detect two sides,excellent detection for both soft label and hard tag
  • DSP and EPGA technology, self-adjusting electronics, it can very easy to install and adjustment
  • 3D antenna design, with high detection rate, low false alarm rate and low blind area

Download PDF Brochure:

Brochure PDS8830 EAS mono system.pdf


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